Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pico De Loro: This is how we ended 2012

I must say na pag-biglaang planuhan, mas natutuloy talaga. Haha!

Our Pico de Loro trip was initially sched Ocotober 2012. However, due to our busy scheds, it did not pushed through. Then, during one of our unplanned dinner, we decided to push it on December after Christmas.

And to cut the story short, natuloy kami last Dec. 29 - 30, 2012. It was was our post-Christmas and pre-New Year celebration. :)

We left Steven's house at around 9am and started our ride going to Batangas.

Meet our ever trusted, bait and sipag (puro bola!) na driver, Steven

On our way to Batangas

It was a 3-hour plus drive. Buti na lang I'm with my High School barkada kaya hindi namin namalayan ang oras. You'll never get lost once you go there because street signage were very visible. Just follow it and you won't have a problem. Ang layo lang talaga niya. Parang nasa dulo na siya ng Nasugbu.

We passed by Canyon Cove, Tali Beach and Punta Fuego pero mas malayo pa yung Pico de Loro. The road was ok. Expect a lot of zigzag and steep roads thus, it's better to travel on a daytime specially for first timers. Very light naman yung traffic kaya nothing to worry. :)

Entrace to Pico de Loro

When we saw the entrance to the place, I really go excited only to find out na medyo malayo pa yung drive to reach the Condo.

By the way, Pico de Loro is an exclusive resort. Only members and their guests can enjoy its amenities. They really check sa entrance pa lang if you were endorsed by the member it you're travelling without them. For non-members, I think they have a hotel (Pico Sands) but limited lang yata yung access with other amenities.

Where we stayed

First thing we did: Higa and FB/Tweet

Microwave and rice cooker are the only available appliances that we can use to cook our foods kaya we brought several cup noodles, canned goods and other ready-to-eat foods. For our lunch, buti na lang pinadalhan kami ng mom ni Steven ng Mechado and Fried Rice kaya we didn't bother to prepare our food. 

Galit-galit muna...

After eating, pahinga muna saglit and we headed to the beach. :)

Shuttle service is always available to bring us to anywhere we wanted within the resort. Magsabi lang kami kay kuya guard so that the shuttle could pick us up. 

Shuttle service ride

First glimpse of the beach

Sulit ang byahe..

The water was serene. The place was not crowded. It was definitely a great place to relax and bond with family and friends. 

Chill Mode: ON

Under my umbrella...

After spending some time at the beach, we decided to check out the country club. The aesthetics were really nice and cozy. We love the ambiance and the design of the pool. At syempre, we enjoyed the food. Sa sobrang enjoy namin sa food, parang hinangin lang siya. Hehe! :))

 Isn't it lovely?

When the sun was about to set, we decided to go back to the beach area to catch a glimpse of it.

Yehey! Nahabol pa namin yung sunset. :)

Pool Area 

Sunset at Hamilo Coast

We headed back to the condo to eat our dinner. After dinner, some of us decided to eat Puto Bumbong which was being sold sa may park area. Unfortunately, the store was close na pala that time kaya and ending namin was to stroll around the beach na lang and see the it's night life.

A live band and dance group performed by the beach

Full Moon covered by the clouds. :)

Pool area at night

After strolling and enjoying the cold breeze, we went back sa condo to start the most awaited part of the night, the booze session. :))

Vodka for life!

1-2-3 Pass!

The next day, we woke up early to enjoy the cool morning breeze of the beach. For a change, we did not call for a shuttle service but instead, we walked our way going to the beach. Mas naapreciate lalo naman yung ganda ng lugar. 

Santa's gone to the beach. :)

Early morning at Hamilo Coast

Low Tide... 

The other parts of Pico de Loro

A great way to start the day is to enjoy this view...

After our having our breakfast, it's time to make the most of what we have since we will be back home in the afternoon. We headed again to the beach to swim and to do our favorite hobby, take tons of photos. :)

The view from our spot...

Sariling sikap.. :) Thanks sa timer ng camera. 

The ladies... :)

After sa beach, balik ulit kami sa country club to enjoy naman the pool. Sulitin ang oras! :)

Ang saya lang ni Steven. :))

The inevitable came and we had to leave the place. It was bitin for us but I'm sure we can go back naman basta maayos lang ang sched. I suggest to stay there for atleast 3 days para mas ma-enjoy yung lugar since there are lots of things to do. You can do snorkeling, scuba diving, trekkings, horseback riding or just relax all day.

We said that we would leave at 3pm para hindi kami gabihin pero hindi din nasunod. We left at around 5pm kaya naabutan na naman namin ang sunset along the way.

Sunset along the road

On our way back to Manila, we got lost. Instead of turning right to an intersection, dumirecho kami kaya nakarating kami sa Calatagan, Batangas. Ang naalala kasi namin puro direcho lang yung dinaanan namin. We just found out when we came to a point na we need to go either left or right at nagtanong na kami sa mga locals. They told us na we have to go back dahil sobrang layo na daw namin sa tamang daan.

Sobrang na-depress at nagtakutan kami on our way back dahil madilim na talaga sa mga dinadaanan namin and to think na ang layo daw ng nilagpas namin. Thank God one of my friends had an IPad at nag-gps nalang kami to know kung saan kami pupunta.

After 30minutes of travel, we saw the right road na dapat nilikuan namin. That was 1 hour wasted sa gas yet, 1 hour added kulitan, takutan, kwentuhan and bonding.

Tip, be alert and remember some important landmarks dahil wala nang signage that will guide you in going back to Manila.

It was 9pm when we arrived sa Tagaytay. Traffic was moderate to heavy due to bakasyunistas who were buying fruits since the day after is Media Noche na.

At dahil sa gutom namin, we ate at Hawaiaan Bbq at Tagaytay and tried their ribs and bulalo. Too bad I wasn't able to take photos dahil gutom na talaga ako. It's a must try and very reasonable ang price. We'll go back there soon.

After our Tagaytay stop over na sobrang lamig (I was wearing tube top and shorts that time. Buti may dala akong sweater), we headed back home. At 12midnight, I finally arrived home.

It was super nakakapagod na byahe pero sobrang sayang trip.

It was definitely a great way to end the year! :)

Thanks to my ever dearest High School friends: Lei, Madel, Michelle, Denise and Steven! :)

Some photos courtesy of Lei and Madel. :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Back to blogging after 3 months

Yes, I miss blogging. I miss placing my thoughts and adventures on this page.

I got busy in a media related work kaya naubos na ang time ko para sa sarili ko. Now that I resigned, it means I have more time for myself, more time for adventures and more time for blogs. Yehey for me!

See you on my next posts. :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Graduation Treat at Buffet 101

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After the ceremony in school, we headed at Buffet 101 located at San Miguel by the Bay, Mall of Asia. It's near Microtel. Buffet 101 is an eat and drink-all-you-can buffet. I was really excited to try the foods at Buffet 101 since I read several good reviews on the place. 

Upon entering the place, I was greeted by the lavish interiors, posh ambiance and spacious dining are making the entire restaurant sophisticated and hotel-like. I must say that interiors pa lang worth na yung price ng food, what more pa kaya when I started tasting their wide food selections.

Finally, I'm at Buffet 101

Our bebe Karl with my medal. :) Aba, jan pwede magsimula ang lahat. :)

What a great reward! :)

I did my usual routine kapag kumakain sa buffet, libutin muna lahat at take some photos. Makita ko pa lang yung mga foods parang nabusog na ako. Haha! They had several selections from Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, American, Korean, Thai at iba pa na hindi ko na ma-recognize. They had everything from meat to seafoods to soup to salads to breads to sweets to drinks. Halos lahat meron na. :)

I wasn't able to take photos of everything since I got too excited and overwhelmed with what I saw. Hehe! Anyhow, enjoy my some of my shots. :)


Crispy Garlic Crab

Tuna and Salmon Sashimi

I forgot the name of this dish

Maki and Sushi Section

Another shot of the Maki and Sushi Section

The buffet area

Salad Section

Cold Seafoods

Dessert Section

Candy Station

Seafoods for grilling

As my usual start for every buffet I went to, I had tempura and several sushi and maki. I must say na ang sarap ng tempura. Umpisa pa lang ng pagkain ko, winner na agad. The sushi and maki also tasted great. Kaya sa round 2 ko, I tried again the other sushi and maki na hindi ko na-try sa round one. I also took several pieces of Salmon Sashimi and Tuna Sashimi dahil super favorite ko yun. Sa lahat ng buffet na nakainan ko na merong mga sashimi, sa Buffet 101 yung pinakamakapal at malaki yung cut. Fresh din siya kaya nag-enjoy talaga ako. :)

After trying my favorite Japanese foods, I tried the grilled and meat dishes. I asked the chefs to grill some lamb chops and angus beef. It is important pala to know your table number when you asked the chef to cook your food request since they will deliver it at your table. It was my first time to taste those to grilled foods at nagustuhan ko yung pagkakaluto. I also tried the crispy crab na crispy talaga kaya I was able to eat it's soft shells.

We enjoyed the grilling station kaya seafoods naman pina-grill namin. We asked them to grill some squid, fishe (I forgot the name), yung parang mini-lobster and yung scallops. My favorite was the scallops since it tasted heavenly. Ang sarap talaga!

Round 1

Part of the eat-all-you-can buffet was their drink-all-you-can section. I asked for several servings of watermelon shake. It was definitely refreshing and it did not easily made me feel bloated, or sadyang gutom lang talaga ata ako. Haha! :))

After all the heavy entrees I ate, it was now dessert time. I went first to my favorite, which was the Blueberry Cheesecake. It also tasted good. Kung hindi lang ako super bloated, nag-round 2 pa ako nun. Among all the desserts, yung blueberry cheesecake ang blockbuster at madali maubos. I had to wait for a few minutes to get a serving of it. I also liked the Chocolate Volcano ata yun. Basta yung chocolate cake with chocolate filling sa loob. It was too sweet for me but nevertheless, I enjoyed it. Minsan lang naman ako kumain ng super matamis eh.

Since matagal nga mag-replenish ng Blueberry Cheesecake, I got a marshmallow filled with Chocolate from the chocolate fondue. I sprinkles some candies. I also had some gummy bears and gummy burgers, my favorites. This desserts reminded me of childhood. :)

Blueberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Volcano

Remembering my childhood. :)

The pros:
  • Sophisticated interiors, posh ambiance and spacious dining area
  • Great tasting foods
  • Wide selection of foods and drinks
  • Friendly staff and fast-delivery of grilled foods
The cons:
  • Slow replenishment of foods
  • Not-so-good plating kaya hindi ko napansin yung ibang food

Overall, my family enjoyed our dining experience at Buffet 101. Sulit ang price. We will definitely go back here. I will also try Vikings and Sambokojin in the near future. :)

My super satisfied family

Weekday Lunch- Php 660
Weekday Dinner- Php 860
Weekend and Holiday Rate- Php 999
Kids rate- Php 499
No Service Charge